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The Academy Day



We are keen to maintain a level of professional dress and avoid our uniform being customised or compromised. Your support in keeping our high standards is appreciated.

As parents/carers please consider when allowing your children to change their appearance for a holiday, special occasion etc. that there is sufficient time to fall in line with the Academy Dress Code in time for their return to school. For example, if your child was to have a piercing it would need to be removed before returning to school. Likewise, if your child wants to dye their hair a non-natural colour or style it would need to be washed out or be rectified before school returns.

Some key areas of change are:

  • NO mobile phones to be visible or out of bags during the Academy day
  • NO make-up
  • Skirts – must be knee length and worn with black tights

Please read below to see the full uniform guidelines and notes on appearance/standards:


  • Blazer academy design with logo
  • Charcoal Grey V-neck pullover with Academy Logo 
  • Academy clip-on tie with stripe to represent appropriate House colour
  • Charcoal grey trousers
  • White shirt (standard school type) -to be tucked in
  • Black shoes (polishable) *
  • All outdoor coats/jackets/hoodies be removed before entering the Academy building – lockers are available to store such items.
  • Coloured accessory scarves, football scarves, hats and caps are forbidden. (Religious black scarves are permitted)

P.E. Kit


Notes on Appearance / Standards

  1. Academy blazer and jumper must be worn at all times walking around the Academy unless otherwise permitted by a member of staff. Blazers may be removed in classrooms. In the summer term or unseasonal hot weather, jumpers are optional, but the Academy will announce when this is permitted.
  2. Blouse/Shirt should be worn and tucked in.
  3. Skirts should be knee length and worn with black tights (or trousers may be worn)
  4. Ties should be clipped on to the shirt collar with top button fastened.
  5. Blazer sleeves must not be rolled up.
  6. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in the academy. They must be switched off and in students’ bags. Collection of mobile phones must be between Reception opening hours (8am – 3.30pm). Please refer to the mobile phone policy for further guidance.
  7. All outdoor coats/jackets/hoodies be removed before entering the Academy building – lockers are available to store such items.



Boys Uniform                                                            Girls Uniform

Break and Lunchtime

Breakfast is available to all pupils before school from 8.25am. 

Morning Break – Pupils are able to purchase bacon or sausage barms, toast, croissants etc.

Lunchtime – A wide variety of healthy meals are available from the fantastic catering team.  Please see below for some example menus


Packed Lunches

Pupils may bring a packed lunch to school which they will eat in the dining areas. No energy/fizzy drinks are allowed in school. We do not allow pupils to take food outside, when eating we insist that all pupils sit down at the tables.


Fulwood Academy is a cashless school.  Payment for breakfast, lunch, uniform, trips etc. is through ParentPay. If you haven’t set up a ParentPay account please contact the school office. Some families will qualify for free school meals. Please see below for more information.