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Teaching and Learning

Our approach to teaching and learning at Fulwood Academy is based around some simple principles that form our Teach SMART strategy. Firstly, we have high expectations around behaviour. We then believe in the quality of teacher instruction. We make learning stick. We support the mastery of knowledge and skills. We adapt learning, so all can succeed. We give clear feedback. 

We have high expectations around behaviour 

  • Pupils understand the connection between effort and achievement 
  • Routines and effective classroom management 
  • Promote active participation not compliance 

We believe in the quality of teacher instruction 

  • Highly effective explanations 
  • Teachers model excellence and how to achieve it 
  • ​​​​​​​Students can learn new ideas by reference to ideas they already know 

We make learning stick 

  • Regular low stakes testing 
  • Practise deliberately 
  • Learning is interleaved 

We support the mastery of knowledge and skill 

  • Comprehensive understanding of curriculum 
  • Insist on high standards of literacy 
  • Misconceptions are planned for and addressed 

We adapt learning for all 

  • Support and scaffold in lesson for the less able 
  • Pitch high every lesson for success 
  • Adaptation to teaching as needs emerge 

We give feedback 

  • Timely feedback to maximise learning 
  • Formative assessment is embedded throughout a lesson 
  • Comments are specific, accurate and clear 
  • ​​​​​​​Time to reflect and act upon feedback