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Pastoral Care

At Fulwood we recognise that most pupils will require emotional and pastoral support at some point in their educational journeys. The Pastoral team at Fulwood work hard to make to ensure the emotional and physical needs of all of our pupils are met, so that our pupil feel safe, happy, involved in the school community and able to perform to their full potential.  

At Fulwood, we pride ourselves on the quality of support, care and guidance given to individual pupils. At the heart of this provision is a year system led by a Head of Year and supported by a Pastoral Support Officer. Our pastoral system provides your child with the care they need to succeed in school whilst allowing them to nurture friendships and develop a strong sense of community.  

As your child progresses through Fulwood Academy, their attainment and well-being will be closely monitored, ensuring that pupils are recognised and rewarded when they succeed and supported in overcoming barriers to the learning.  

Pupils will be looked after by their form tutor who is the first point of contact. These teachers get to know your child very well, encouraging them to be the best they can be and will offer the highest levels of pastoral care to ensure they are safe healthy and happy. 

The health, happiness and well-being of pupils underpins of values of we care, we challenge, we commit.  

We Care - We are committed to creating a culture of respect and kindness, promoting positive attitudes to learning to all students. Where students and staff care about learning and each other, they are committed to being their best and confidently challenge barriers to learning. The pastoral team will put proactive and timely intervention into place for pupils who need that bit of extra support.  

We Challenge - As a school we have responsibility to challenge our pupils to be their best, to challenge those who display unacceptable behaviours, teach our students what good behaviour looks like and ensure each student understands their rights and responsibilities and the potential impact of their decisions and actions on their own learning and that of others. We will do this by rewarding excellent behaviour with praise and by imposing consistent and clear sanctions for unacceptable behaviour. We will ensure that those students who struggle are supported in making better choices.  

We Commit - We committed to creating a culture of strong, cultural behaviour norms which allow learning to take place that is aspirational and allows students in the Academy to be the best they can be.  We are committed to ensuring that pupils have all the emotional resilience they need to be successful into their educational journey and reach their full potential.  

Our relationships with our pupils are built on ‘unconditional positive regard’, where all pupils are treated equally and as individuals and all students feel respected and valued at all times.