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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To promote a culture of educational excellence, kindness and respect within our school and wider community. Where pupils and staff care about learning and each other, are committed to being their best and together confidently challenge barriers to learning. This is underpinned by our values; We Care, We Challenge, We Commit and our Fundamental British Values.

We Care – Being a responsible citizen in Fulwood and our wider community 

We are approachable, caring and inclusive 

  • We respect one another and show kindness to all
  • We make the right choices even in difficult circumstances 
  • We speak politely and use our manners  
  • We are responsible for our own physical and mental well-being and support others 
  • We help other pupils, teachers and other adults where we can  
  • We show tolerance for other faiths and religions and speak up for causes such as anti-bullying, equality and the environment 
  • We take part in charity events and volunteering in our community 
We Challenge – Working together for excellence 
  • We challenge ourselves to be the best we can be  
  • We take opportunities to help each other in our studies  
  • We understand the need for democracy and take part in school campaigns, debate and events  
  • We take time to find out about each other and our interests  
  • We own up to our mistakes and accept any consequences  
  • We show resilience when we find tasks hard  
  • We use our individual liberty wisely and recognise that the actions of individuals and small groups can create great change  
  • We rise to a challenge 
 We Commit - Aspiring to be our best
  • We are organised, efficient and set high expectations for ourselves and others 
  • We work hard and take pride in our work 
  • We have excellent attendance and punctuality  
  • We have the highest standards and always wear the right uniform  
  • We work hard in lessons and complete homework  
  • We participate in extra-curricular activities 
  • We read every day  
  • We follow all school rules and the Rules of Law