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Music Department Mission Statement

It is our mission to develop students into life-long music participants who can intelligently engage in a wide variety of music. Students will acquire knowledge of core concepts, experience and perform works of music, and develop personal expression so that they may enter the global community as an informed and lifelong learner in music.

Aims :

· Develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of different kinds of music, developing and extending their own interests and increasing their ability to make judgements of musical quality;

· Acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music, for example in community music-making, and, where appropriate, to follow a music-related career;

· Develop skills, attitudes and attributes that can support learning in other subject areas and that are needed for life and work. For example: listening skills, the ability to concentrate, creativity, intuition, aesthetic sensitivity, perseverance, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others.

· Build, maintain and raise high expectations of learners through a purposeful and rich curriculum, a varied programme of extracurricular enrichment and enhancement activities, and accurate assessment tracking and monitoring.