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Lessons are planned to educate pupils of the holistic benefit of Health and Fitness beyond the curriculum. 

Pupils arrive and enter straight away whilst gathering their folder/ book/ DIN and sit down immediately beginning the DIN quietly. Pupil’s will line up with shoulder to the wall if member of staff has not arrived yet. 

Pupil’s folders/ books are labelled with Names/ target grades and key vocabulary words. 

In Health and Fitness pupils work is categorised by specification criteria sheets. Each sub-unit within its own plastic wallet. 

In Dance pupils work is categorised in their own online areas within unit 1-4 folders and sub categorized by learning aims. 

Pupil are set revision topics at least one full week in advance of an assessment week. This is done via Class Charts. Assessment dates and assessment boundaries are clearly communicated. 

Pupils are set weekly homework using Class charts. 

Target language is used in lessons.  

Key words and phrases are encouraged and displayed around the room so that pupils are exposed to the subject as much as possible. 

In Dance pupils have a separate plastic wallet for all formal assessments and for revision materials. 

Assessments are marked, reviewed and returned  within a week to give pupils quick feedback and address misconceptions. 

Timely interventions are implemented to ensure pupils are making expected progress. 

Analogies are frequently used to support learning. 

Participation/ effort is encouraged using praise and rewards. Behaviour policy is followed explicitly. 

Pupils will receive the objective, outcomes and success criteria via ppt slide in GCSE lessons. 

Assertive monitoring is used in lessons to check pupils progress and to address misconceptions early. 

Staff will model content via a wagoll if it is appropriate to help the pupils know more and remember more. 

Pupils knowledge and understanding is regularly checked throughout the learning journey using a variety of formative assessment techniques. I do, We do, You do is consistently used in lessons to check understanding.  

Exit tickets are used to gauge pupil understanding of the lesson and to help plan the DIN of the next lesson or help plan a reteach in the next lesson. 

Pupils are regularly directed to the home learning page on the school website to access the knowledge organisers and GCSE Pod videos for revision leading up to AP assessments.