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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum and how it is designed is the DNA of delivering a quality education to all children. We believe in having a knowledge-rich curriculum that delivers the broad, diverse and ambitious knowledge needed for ensuring all children can ‘make a dent in the universe’. We believe strongly that Knowledge is Power. Our job is to Make it Stick. 

We carefully choose our curriculum to ensure that the knowledge that we select to teach students is ‘the best of what is thought and said’. By selecting powerful knowledge, we aim to ensure that our pupils have the same cultural identity as their peers across the country. This is our moral duty as teachers and we ensure that this knowledge reflects the school values of ‘We Care, We Challenge We Commit’ as well as fundamental British values. 

At Fulwood Academy, our Directors of Learning have designed and planned their curriculum following these key ideas: 

  1. The curriculum is driven by powerful knowledge with the challenge the same for all pupils, ensuring an equitable curriculum 

  1. The curriculum is sequenced logically so that new knowledge builds upon old and prepares pupils for the next stage; 

  1. The curriculum is specified in detail so that teachers and pupils are clear on what needs to be learned and in what depth; 

  1. The curriculum is taught to be remembered, not merely encountered; 

  1. The curriculum is supported with a homelearning strategy that supports the delivery of knowledge to long-term memory. 

The curriculum at Fulwood: 

Ambitious Intent ⇒ Logically Sequenced ⇒ Specified in Detail