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Home Learning and Assessment

The residue of thought - homelearning and assessment

Every lesson at Fulwood Academy starts with 10 minutes of high challenge retrieval questions designed to stop the forgetting of the most vital knowledge, facts and skills. The questions are drawn from a broad knowledge base, including previous topics and previous years to ensure that knowledge sticks.
We place such an importance on making the knowledge stick that homelearning is designed around thinking and remembering.  Homelearning is set every week on Classcharts and places the remembering of knowledge as its top priority. This knowledge is remembered in the Do Now tasks at the start of each lesson. It is expected that all pupils attempt all the ‘Do Now’ questions, and those not attempting all of them are challenged. Teachers will refrain from providing too much help in the first 10 minutes, instead motivating students to think hard without looking back over previous work.
The teacher then spends time going through the answers, reteaching the most important points if necessary, and students make corrections. It is our belief that the more knowledge that is retrieved in Do Now quizzes, the more is remembered.


To access Home Learning, click on the subject in the tab located to the right, followed by the home learning tab and the relevant term.

To access revision lists, click on the subject in the tab located to the right, followed bt the assessment tab and the relevant term.