Sport BTEC First

Why choose BTEC Sport at Fulwood Academy?


This BTEC Sport specification follows on from the Key Stage 3 physical education programme of study by providing students with exciting opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing from a variety of roles in which to participate and lead physical activities.

The content of BTEC Sport is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle; to provide a route to further study in further education awards, such as A Levels and to higher education in P.E. through a variety of BTEC sport courses that all relate to career opportunities within the sport industry.

This subject will suit you if:


  • You enjoy keeping fit, healthy and participating in a variety of sports and activities;
  • You enjoy being taught interesting new topics and are giving the chance to explore/enhance your learning outside the class room;
  • You enjoy being challenged both mentally and physically.



What will the course involve?


The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sport- specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The main focus is on 4 areas which cover the:

  • processes that underpin effective ways of working in sport such as planning and leading an individual or team sporting activity session, taking into account the needs of the participants. This also includes an understanding of how body systems respond to participation in sport.
  • development of the skills required to lead sports activities and improve performance
  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in sport such as roles, responsibilities and leadership styles.
  • Knowledge that underpins the growing appreciation of the impact the mind has on performance, focusing on a variety of areas from the sport psychology domain.





How will I be assessed?


The BTEC Sport Award is split into 4 units of study:


  1. Fitness for Sport and Exercise
  2. Practical Performance in Sport
  3. Applying the Principles of Personal Training
  4. The Mind and Sports Performer


The Fitness for Sport and Exercise unit of study is an externally assessed exam (25%) where pupils will be assessed in two assessment windows throughout the 2 year course.

The remaining three units of study are internally assessed (75%) via a series of assignments based upon the development of knowledge and understanding of the course content and demonstration of practical skills with the ability to assess, analyse and devise training plans to target areas of development.

Where could this subject take you?

This course will give you the skills and subject knowledge to prepare you for studying P.E. and sport at higher education. This can lead onto further education at university or further training. The numerous career pathways that can stem from a BTEC Sport are specialist areas like sports coaching, sports development and/or sport and exercise sciences. You could become a fitness instructor, P.E. teacher, physiotherapist, sports coach or work within the leisure and recreation industry. Sport currently sits in the top 15 industrial sectors in England, contributing £20.3 billion to the economy in 2010, 1.9% of the England total. The number of sport-related jobs in the UK is estimated at over 400,000.