Sports Relief

Tomorrow (Friday 13th March) we are raising money for sport relief, all pupils are allowed to wear an item of red clothing or sportswear so long as they give a minimum donation of 50p. Please ensure pupils are appropriately dressed with no belly tops or ripped jeans. Normal lessons will take place throughout the day.


  • Staff and Students can wear sports kit or red clothing e.g. a red tshirt or jumper.
  • Staff and Students in sports/red tops can then wear non-uniform trousers/jeans 
  • Staff and Students in sports/red tops can wear appropriate footwear whilst following health and safety guidelines, ie no open shoes or stiletto type.
  • Staff and Students should continue to uphold appropriate dress ie no revealing tops/skirts or any dress that reveals the mid-rift as this could cause religious offense. 
  • No hats/jewellery is permitted as per normal uniform policy
  • Staff and Students taking part should donate a mimimum of 50p to sports relief to the JLT on arrival
  • Any staff or students failing to adhere to the above or deemed to be dressed inappropriately maybe sent home to change or isolated for the day.
  • Those not wanting to take part should wear full uniform as per usual policy


Some staff and students will be taking part in the Ride-a-long Challenge. If you would like to sponsor them or donate to Sports Relief please do so here>