SIr Charles Dunstone visits the academy

On Monday 17th June, we were delighted to welcome our sponsor, Sir Charles Dunstone to the academy. He met with Mr Grant and spent time chatting to students before going to lunch with our Student Executives and our Chair of Governors, Joan Dean. 

They had plenty of questions for Sir Charles regarding what he does, how he has achieved his success and any advice he could give them.

Charles began by asking the pupils what their favourite food was. Abbi unknowingly told him her absolute favourite meal is from Five Guys. There was some laughter and Joan assured Charles that he hadn't primed them beforehand. They were unaware that Charles in fact owns the Five Guys chain in the UK. After hearing the news, the students were in even more awe of him as they only knew of his other companies which include Talk Talk and the Carphone Warehouse. 

They went on to talk about what makes a good business and asked how Charles began his career and developed his business. He shared how he began working selling computers and phones for a Japanese company and believed he could go alone with the intention to make a living for himself. He said he was lucky in the timing as technology was dramatically changing and mobile phones were just beginning to be popular so it was able to grow in momentum very quickly. 

Charles told pupils that the key to a successful business is to enjoy what you do then it is more likely to succeed. Charles was interested in which phones the pupils use and whether they prefer Whatsapp or Snapchat, a bit of useful market research for Charles. 

Everyone had a fantastic day and enjoyed both the conversation and delicious food, particularly Lucy who devoured her garlic bread in record time.

 Students commented afterwards about much they admired Charles, 'he was great to talk to and so modest when talking about his success'. They continued by saying 'He gave us the 'talk' and told us if you do not put your mind to the things that you want you will not achieve it'.