Ravine Rescue House Challenge

On Wednesday 30th January 2019 teams from each house went head to head to compete in the Ravine Rescue House Challenge. They were presented with a problem solving task to transport a car carrying heavy cargo across a ravine.

They had limited supply of materials to build a structure to safely cross the ravine.

Each bridge designed and created by each house was put to the test by transporting the cars across the ravine adding more and more precious but heavy cargo!!!


Then the weights were added!

Each house were judged on:

 Success of getting the precious cargo across safely
 Build and design
 How much weight it could hold
 Team work


The results were as follows:

 4th place – CAELI
3rd place – AQUA
2nd place – TERRA
1st place – IGNIS

 Congratulations to the Ignis team. All pupils from Ignis House were rewarded with a cinema experience on 1st February.