Fulwood Academy praised by Ofsted for Covid response

The work undertaken at Fulwood Academy to support students and the wider community through the pandemic has been praised by Ofsted during a recent short inspection.


The visit by the inspectorate was part of wider undertaking by Ofsted to help parents and the public understand how effective schools have been during the first lockdown, and how they are managing the return to their normal curriculum. During the visit, the inspector noted: “The school has adapted the personal development curriculum to prioritise support for pupils’ mental health and well-being.”


It was also acknowledged that the academy has “developed your provision to deliver remote education. This closely matches the work taught in subject curriculums….online systems are helping pupils to keep up with their work when they are absent.”


Year 7 transition was also highlighted as a particular strength, with inspectors highlighting that: “The school has adapted the Year 7 curriculum to support pupils with the transition from their primary schools.”


Throughout lockdown, the school has also taken a number of initiatives to support students and their families. The academy established its own foodbank, ran a summer school in August to help students prepare for their return to face-to-face education and, through a donation from the Dunstone Education Trust, has provided hundreds of students with equipment to support online learning.


Dave Lancaster, Principal, said: “There is no denying that these have been challenging times. Our staff have, however, been amazing in how far they have gone to support our students. The sense of community has been tangible.”


On the back of this, Fulwood Academy has already seen a 50% increase in the number of families of Year 6 children selecting the academy as one of their preferred options for Year 7 places.


Mr Lancaster added: “We strive to make every child happy here and to support their learning and development. We are humbled that so many more parents have but their faith in the trajectory that we are on, and have selected our school for their child.”  


The Chairperson of the Dunstone Education Trust, Joan Dean, added: “After all the hard work by both the students and our staff, it’s fantastic that Ofsted have acknowledged that our collective efforts are having an impact.”


“The future is very bright for Fulwood Academy, and I look forward to what the next 12 months will bring.” 


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