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Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.

Welcome to our Learning Resource Centre

  • We have a large selection of fiction, non-fiction and revision materials
  • Our catalogue of books is expanding based on pupil voice feedback regarding the titles and genres available
  • We have pods available for independent study and group work
  • From September 2018 we will be subscribing to the digital newspaper First News. This subscription allows pupils to download the newspaper onto their own devices to read at home. Instructions on how to do this will follow in due course
  • We have several author visits planned:
    • Ross Montgomery - 17th October
    • Matt Oldfield - 21st November
    • Steve Tasane - TBC


  • Monday - Thursday 8.30am until 4.15pm
  • Friday - 8.30am until 2.30pm


From September 2018 we will be providing an extensive range of clubs and activities to engage all pupils in literacy and extra-curricular hobbies. At lunch time pupils will be allowed in the library to study, read or participate in timetabled activity. Pupils will not be permitted to use the library to socialise.








Before School


Chess Club

Books for Breakfast



Games Club



Young Authors


Silent Session


Quiz of the Week

After School


Origami Club

Cakes and Classics

Blackout Poetry

News/Radio Broadcasting




We have a number of new sections based on pupil voice feedback. These books have been purchased as requested. Please speak to Miss Kilbey if you have a request for new books or sections.

  • LGBTQ+ - a variety of books that contain characters from different backgrounds
  • Teenage Wellbeing - non-fiction, self-help and wellbeing books aimed at ages 11-16. Please note that some of these books contain information about sensitive subjects. All reasonable steps will be taken to make sure the books are issued appropriately, but we recommend you use your own judgement on what you deem suitable for your child
  • The Secret Library - a collection of fiction books in Spanish and French, including popular Roald Dahl and Harry Potter titles! This section is hidden in the Library, so use your language skills to find it.
  • Dyslexia Friendly - a wide range of books from easy readers to English Literature GCSE set texts all available in a dyslexia friendly format. The coloured pages and eye-friendly font make reading accessible for all.


Everyone in the school is automatically a member of Library.

Resources are issued using the Eclipse Library Management System which is available for everyone to use.

Pupils can borrow up to three books, for a two week period.

We do not fine pupils for bringing books back late, however if the books are more than 3 weeks overdue, a stop will be put on their name and they will not be allowed to borrow any more books.

We have recently purchased a large quantity of new books, many requested by our pupils. Ensuring that books are returned in an appropriate condition and timely manner is essential to providing all pupils the opportunity to access a wide range of books. We appreciate your support in reminding your child that books are expensive and need to be looked after and returned promptly.


We request that pupils:

  • Be considerate to all users
  • Do not eat or drink or chew gum in the library
  • Keep talking to a minimum to allow everybody to concentrate
  • Obey instructions given by the librarian or pupil librarians
  • Look after the items they borrow
  • Return books on time
  • Ask for help if they are having problems locating resources

The Library is an accessible, safe and friendly environment that welcomes all Academy pupils and empowers them to reach their potential.