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At Fulwood Academy we believe that learning is not restricted to the activities and experiences that Pupils have at school and during lessons.  

Learning is a life-long process both inside and outside of school.  We believe that homework provides valuable opportunities for Pupils to engage with their learning outside of the classroom environment.

Homework therefore consolidates and extends learning that has taken place within lessons and gives Pupils the opportunity to work independently and prepare for future lessons.  Our aim is for this to be structured, meaningful and coherent.  Homework also gives parents the chance to support their child’s progress and encourages dialogue about school experience.


 How often is homework set?

For each Unit/Scheme of Learning there will be meaningful homework in order to reinforce learning and promote independence. 

 We have a flexible approach to homework in as much as we don’t enforce a rigid timetable, so as to avoid the risk of homework just being set for the sake of it.  Pupils will always engage more fully when they see there is a clear purpose. 

 However, we would expect the following:

Key Stage 4: The Academy expectation is that for all core and option subjects there is at least one homework per week, lasting approximately 30 minutes per subject.  For subjects with less than 2 periods per week, each faculty will provide specific guidance.

Key Stage 3: The Academy expectation is that for core subjects (Maths/English/Science) there is at least one homework per week, lasting approximately 30 minutes per subject.  For other non-core subjects with 2 or more lessons per week, the minimum expectation is at least one such homework per fortnight.  For subjects with less than 2 periods per week the minimum expectation is at least one homework every 4 weeks.  Faculty guidance will clarify the specific frequency for all other subjects.

We believe in quality not quantity, so we don’t expect an arbitrary increase at Key Stage Four – instead the work will be set at the appropriate level of demand.  Revision and much examination practice will be expected at certain stages of KS4 courses.

Ultimately homework will incorporate a range of activities, appropriate to age and ability.

We will offer variety in the types of homework set, in order to capture different approaches to learning.  This will also include support with organisational, note-taking and revision skills.  Some homework will differentiate to meet individual learning styles and needs; this means not everyone in the class will necessarily receive the same task. Each faculty has guidance and a section on the school website that includes learning plans outlining their specific approaches and styles.


Where will it be recorded?

Homework set will be recorded on Class Charts and in Pupils’ organisers.  A deadline will also be set. Pupils with a particular learning need will be given support by the teacher or a teaching assistant to ensure homework is recorded accurately and the task is understood.

For full details, please see the homework policy here: Homework Policy