Health & Social Care

BTEC Tech Award

Why choose Health and Social Care at Fulwood Academy?


This course provides students with an engaging introduction to the health and social care sector. You will gain a focused understanding of health and social care through the units which have been selected, and the content is delivered in a way which is meaningful and work related.

Students will gain knowledge of how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and the work of care professionals.

During the course you will study a range of topics including:

  • Human lifespan and development;
  • Health and social care services and values;
  • Health and well-being;

This subject will suit you if:


Skills: You will need to be well organised and to be able to work independently and as part of a group. Extended writing skills are also useful, although these are developed throughout the course and there are lots of opportunities to practice them. It is also important to be inquisitive and ask questions about things which others take for granted.


Abilities: Meeting deadlines and taking on teacher feedback is essential for success in this subject. To do well in coursework tasks, the ability to listen to and take on board a variety of opinions is important for success.


Interests: An interest in people and their wellbeing is essential. You must be interested in the health and care of children and adults from all areas of society and be interested in understanding how to promote the wellbeing of people within society.



What will the course involve?

You will be expected to complete coursework independently at home and in lessons. This will involve some research into different aspects of health and social care. There are also opportunities to extend your knowledge and understanding through visits and work experience.


How will I be assessed?

To achieve the Award (equivalent of 1 GCSE) you will complete 4 pieces of coursework and will sit one controlled assignment



Where could this subject take you?

This is a very useful option for anyone considering entering the care profession, whether childcare, nursing or social work. This option is also useful for anyone wanting to work with people, as you develop an understanding of physical and emotional development of children and adults. It is a very useful option for understanding how to be healthy and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.