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Heads of Year

Changes to the pastoral system have been made and implemented with immediate effect so that student follow a traditional Head of Year system. This will allow for greater support for students in each year group. 

The Heads of Year details and contact details are:

Year 7

Academic Head of Year- Mrs McGough        k.mcgough@fulwoodacademy.co.uk 

Pastoral Head of Year-    Mrs Slater              m.slater@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Year 8

Academic Head of Year- Mrs Bytyqi            k.bytyqi@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Pastoral Head of Year-    Mrs Boydell           d.boydell@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Year 9

Academic Head of Year- Mrs Connell           j.connell@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Pastoral Head of Year-    Mrs Nightingale    g.nightingale@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Year 10

 Academic Head of Year- Mrs Saunderson     c.saunderson@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Pastoral Head of Year- Ms Robertson            r.robertson@fulwoodacademy.co.uk

Year 11

Academic Head of Year- Mr Monk                a.monk@fulwoodacademy.co.uk 

Pastoral Head of Year-    Mr Chagas             m.chagas@fulwoodacademy.co.uk