GCSE Computer Science

Why choose the GCSE in Computer Science?


In an ever revolving digital world, jobs in Computing are fast becoming well paid careers. This exciting course is an engaging qualification that will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the fast-changing world of Computer Science. This qualification provides a practical approach to developing computational skills such as understanding how computers work, to creating programs using code. This Includes innovative, practical onscreen assessment to ensure you can develop the computational skills you will need for an exciting digital future beyond the classroom.

This subject will suit you if:


  • You are interested in how computers work and the logical understanding behind them
  • You enjoy learning new skills such as programming
  • You enjoy Mathematical logic and problem solving
  • You are curious to find out information about the awareness of emerging trends in computing technologies, you want to know how computers are put together and want to build one yourself!


 What will the course involve?

In order to become proficient computer scientist, it is essential that you have knowledge and understanding of the field’s fundamental principles and concepts.

Therefore the qualification is 100% exam based. With 20 hours experience in programming activities. The qualification has a straightforward structure with six comprehensive topic areas, assessed through two externally-examined papers. One of these is a written paper focused on computational thinking, data, computers, networks, and issues and impacts of computing in the world today. The other is a practical onscreen assessment, which focuses on the ability to analyse and solve problems by designing, writing, testing and refining programs.

How will I be assessed?



Unit Title







Written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes 50% of the qualification

75 marks (Principles of Computer Science)




Onscreen programming examination: 2 hours 50% of the qualification

75 marks (Application of Computational Thinking)



Ext 03

Programming Project 20 hours (Does not count towards final grade but it is a requirement of the course)



Where does the course lead?


This qualification is for you if you want to start a career in Computing. Achieving this qualification will give you an advantage when applying for a job as a Programmer, Network Manager, Project Manager or any other job that relies heavily on using technology.


This qualification also gives you a sound basis to progress from this qualification to:

Further studies, for example A Levels and Degree Levels or employment where further training may be available.