English as an additional language

This page is to provide help to parents and students whose primary language is not English. 


Our website has the ability to be translated into other languages. To do this please click on the globe logo on the top right hand hand corner of the page. You can scroll down and select your chosen language. 

Unfortunately some items may not translate such as 'letters to parents'. Please see instructions below of how to translate these 

Translating school letters

1. Click here to visit 'Letters to Parents'.

2. When on this page you will see a list of letters with the most recent one on the top. Click on the letter you wish to view and it will open a PDF document containing the letter.

3. Highlight all of the text by clicking and dragging the cursor. Right click the mouse and select 'copy'.

4. Click here to open Google Translate  https://translate.google.co.uk

5. Right click again and paste into the first box on google translate.

6.Above the second box click the arrow to find the language you wish to translate to.

7. Your translation will appear in the right hand box. 

If you are struggling to translate please contact Mrs Clipston, Our SENCO on h.clipston@fulwoodacademy.co.uk