Declarations of Interest

Fulwood Academy is part of the Dunstone Education Trust. It became a sponsored academy and was incorporated on 13th July 2009 and began operating on 1st September 2009

The Members of The Dunstone Education Trust are:

  • Sir Charles William Dunstone (Sponsor)
  • Victoria Jane Hornby
  • Timothy Simon Morris
  • Joan Dean

The Trustee Board of The Dunstone Education Trust are:

  • Joan Dean (Chair of Trustees)
  • Mike Snelson (Vice Chair of Trustees / Chair of Standards Committee)
  • Jon Nowell (Chair of Resources Committee, Co-opted)
  • Jane Garnsey (Co-opted)
  • Rebecca Smith 
  • Tudor Griffiths (Co-Opted)
  • Dr Philip Smith 

The Trustee Board plays a vital role in the governance and accountability of Fulwood Academy; its responsibilities include:

  • Set, support and review the vision and direction for the Dunstone Education Trust
  • Approval of The trust annual budget and five year plan
  • Oversee the financial monitoring of the Dunstone Education Trust
  • Hold the Fulwood Academy Principal to account for standards and report annually to the Trustees
  • Act as a critical friend to the Fulwood Academy Principal
  • Approval of capital programmes before submission to the Trustees

The Trustee Board are not responsible for the operational and day to day management of Fulwood Academy, this is the remit of the Principal and Accounting Officer who reports directly to the Chair of Trustees.

 Trustee Board Register of Business Interests & Meeting Attendance

Trustees are advised to include interests of both themselves and any member of their immediate family (including partners).

Trustees have read the guidelines regarding Register of Pecuniary or Business Interests and declared whether or not they have any interests that may conflict with their duties as a Trustee of the Dunstone Education Trust.

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Trustees attendance 2019- 2020


 Declarations of Interest 2020-2021



How to contact the Trustee Board

Contact with the Trustee Board is through Jaki Currey the Clerk to the Trustee Board. She can be contacted:

  • By post to the Dunstone Education Trust at the address available from the contact page of this site or by hand at the Fulwood Academy Reception
  • By phone on 01253 476513
  • By e-mail to