Core PE

Why do all Year 10 and 11 pupils study Core PE at Fulwood Academy?


High quality PE and sport enthuse ALL pupils to develop a healthy lifestyle and strong core skills of cognitive and social development for now and their whole lifetime. Wide ranging opportunities in core and more diverse sports lead pupils of all abilities to find a personal love and passion for activity which can shape their future lives. Everyone is educated and enthused to develop a healthy lifestyle for now and their whole lifetime. The school community develop a positive attitude to sport, based around the TEAM values of the academy, to help when winning, losing or simply participating, with an emphasis on character building.


Regular, high-quality PE sessions allow all pupils, irrespective of their level of ability, to develop core skills in develop core skills in a range of physical activities. All pupils develop a love of sport which they enjoy and excel in, the curriculum is extensive and varied to cater for the wider community of the academy who have different interests and investments in certain sports and physical activities. Gifted and talented pupils are recognised and supported in being challenged to excel. Opportunity is given to access local sports which can provide lifelong hobbies and access examples of inspirational sporting performers. Our partnership with a local leisure centre has provided access to privileged facilities and opportunities within the sport industry.

What will core PE involve?



Two lessons a fortnight of physical exercise lessons that build upon previous learning from sport and exercise studied in KS3. Each lesson will have an emphasis on maximum engagement and maximum enjoyment to help promote lifelong learning and lifelong participation.


The sports studied include:


Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Boxercise, Fitness to Music, Personal Training, Dodgeball, Hockey, Dance, Rounders, Cricket, Softball and Athletics.



How can core PE help my other studies?


PE has a variety of cross curricular links. It includes opportunities for pupils to discuss the importance and impact of being active and how to look after their bodies. This will link across with Health and Social, Science, Social Science, Food Technology and other additional formal and informal opportunities throughout the year such as Sports Relief and other charity events. There are physical, mental and social benefits associated with physical exercise that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing and helps make you a better learner.