Careers work- Yr 10/11



Start and Finish


Year 10               

Please go onto the academy website and access the careers provision. Work through the careers pack provided.  The focus is on producing a CV, which shall include a personal statement.  Work through the individual lessons reading through the examples of what makes a good CV in comparison to a poor one.

WC: 6th April


Deadline: 10th April

Firstly complete a draft version of your CV and personal statement.  Once happy if you feel you need support please feel free to e-mail Mr Moss or Shamim on the e-mails below:     (Shall respond on Tuesdays)


Once happy with the draft version please type up the full version and send to Mr. Moss.  These shall be held on record and used for when you apply for further education or apprenticeships.  They will also provide the basis for discussion with Shamim on your next careers appointment.

WC: 13th April.


Deadline 17th April.

Please refer to the CEIAG bulletin on the academy website.  If you have not yet had a careers appointment/discussion with Shamim please e-mail her directly on either Tuesday 7th, 14th or 21st April to book in for our return.

Please book in time with Shamim. You can e-mail on any Tuesday in April.

Year 11

Please refer to the CEIAG section of the Academy website or If you have any questions or queries moving forward with either college courses or apprenticeship providers please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Moss or Shamim on the following e-mails:     (Shall respond on Tuesdays)



Please complete the google form that shall be sent to your academy e-mail address the week commencing 13th April.  This is an important document that shall help us keep track of your intended destination in September and the courses you hope to study.

WC 13th April.


Deadline 24th April.

Here is the powerpoint document you will need to complete the work: