BTEC Performing Arts- Drama

What is BTEC Drama?


This subject harnesses creativity and gives students an opportunity to express themselves through the world of theatre. Pupils develop knowledge and understanding through applying their learning to work-related contexts, and gain skills they need for further study and employment.

This subject will suit you if:


  • You have skills in: improvisation, character and vocal skills, responding to stimuli and being creative;
  • You can perform in front of others with confidence;
  • Work with anyone and share ideas;
  • Complete written work in class and independently meet deadlines;
  • Interested in the theatre and arts, various genres and practitioners.


What will the course involve?

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts (30%)


Aim: To get a taste of what it’s like to be a professional actor.


  • v Pupils will:


Explore performance styles, investigate practitioners, discover new roles.

Component 2: Developing skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (30%)


Aim: To develop skills and techniques in the chosen discipline of acting.


  • v Pupils will:


Take part in workshops, gain skills, apply these skills in performance and reflect.

Component 3: Performing to a Brief (40%)


Aim: to consider how practitioners adapt their skills for different context and put this in a performance.


  • v Pupils will:


Use the brief to come up with ideas, perform a piece to a chosen audience and reflect on their work.


  • This unit is externally assessed.




Where does the course lead?

This course is an excellent foundation for those who desire a career within any creative industry, communication field/service or theatre, TV and film. It also sets students in good stead if they wish to progress to A Level or BTEC theatre studies.